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This is why I became a teacher

Behold! The power of writing and imagination contained within one slightly eccentric 9 year old boy who was in my class when I did my practicum last year. This is a direct quote from something he handed in to me in June, 2004. I am going to withhold his name in case it's against the law to talk about little kids' names without their parents' permission, but he gave me the poem, so it's fair game! This student, and other misunderstoods like him, make me love the world! (P.S. his name is not Ken. I don't know who Ken is.)

Tittle [sic] (he meant title)
Ken is Fat

Ken is fat,
Ken is hungry,
He eats a lot,
And he never stops eating,
No food can escape from his mouth,
He is the champion of eating.

What makes this even sweeter is the labeled drawing of Ken (arrow and his name) fork and plate in hand, mouth wide open and the corn dog, cob of corn, slice of pizza, chips, hamburger, can of cola, and marshmallows on a stick that this awesome guy drew around his poem. I'm majorly impressed that he has this mastery of figurative language, not only by age nine, but also withing TWO MONTHS of moving to Canada from Beijing. Genius, I swear - even if he did like to stare at his fingertips a lot, and stand in the middle of the classroom rapidly flapping his arms up and down. Thanks, purposefully-anonymous-kid! You make me love the world!

P.P.S. ALL the kids in my class made me love the world, especially the one with Tourette's who would write swearwords in mirror-writing in his art projects becuase he could swear he saw them in the object he was drawing. *Sniff* I miss those guys!
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